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May 13, 2019 @ 1:30 pm By Ashley Uzer

Featuring CUSTOM “BROKEN” TIARA x @xtiandemedici

Styled x @mazurbate.

Kim Petras is making pop music great again. 

From her Paris Hilton-approved breakout hit, “I Don’t Want It At All,” to her Halloween-themed mixtape—all complete with camp-y music videos—it’s no wonder Kim has throngs of people who seriously stan her (and tons more who love blasting her tracks while cruising down the freeway or getting ready for a booty call). 

But after going through a bad breakup last year, Kim is ready to bare her real self in her music—not just the fantasy, designer-dud wearing, party girl vibes she gave us with her first era of tracks [ CONTINUE READING ]

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** More photos & videos of the Broken Tiara here ——> Xtian de Medici



KIM PETRAS - Xtian de medici designs iconic “BROKEN” tiara for VIDEO, ALBUM COVER and imoji tiara sticker

APRIL 23 2019

Featuring CUSTOM “BROKEN” TIARA x @xtiandemedici
Styled x @mazurbate.

Inspiration behind the design: Matthew Mazur came to me and asked if I would design a tiara with the word “broken” in it so of course I took it a step further and designed a tiara that not only spelled out broken but also looked broken. I couldn’t pull myself to solder a piece and then bash it on a table to break it. I think I came to a happy medium. It would have made me sick to my stomach to rip out the rhinestones. BIG THANXXX to Kim and #mazurbate .
#kimpetras #tiara #rhinestones #couture #custom #recordingartist#lgbtq #lgbt #mazurbate #xtiandemedici #xtianmedici #fashionblogger #swarovski #fashion #fashionicon #newsingle #tour #concert #albumcover

** More photos & videos of the Broken Tiara here ——> Xtian de Medici

Broken - Kim Petras (Official Lyric Video) “Broken” Tiara Designed & created by Xtian de Medici

Kim Petras’ Broken Album Cover Featuring Custom “Broken” Tiara.

Video Still from the “Broken” video.



Electric Dreams - Fashion film for resident magazine

Aphyre Studio & resident magazine
may 1st 2019

Featuring “The Kiss 💋 “ jacket x @xtiandemedici

"Electric Dreams" for Resident Magazine@residentpublication

Production: Hillary Latos @hillarylatos
Photographer and Creativity: Jaime Pavon @pavonphoto
Video: Vladimir Sichinsky
Styling: Jannique Heard @jannnique
Model: Radha x State @statemgmt
Hair Styling: Jacqueline Cicala @jacquelinecreates
MUA: Dimitry Kukushkin @makeupbydmitry
Nail Artist: Victoria Wreen @nailsbyvictoriawreenbah
Retoucher: Karla Cevallos @lolaretouch
Photo Assistance: Zenobia Nicole @jpeg.zen
Styling Assistance: Jahsun LaRoc
Mua Assistance: Jazmine Goodwin @jazminedavonbeauty


Vinyl Jacket x Atelier Medici Collection


Photo Courtesy Jaime Pavon @pavonphoto



Electric Dreams - Fashion Editorial & Table of Contents

resident magazine
may 1st 2019

Featuring Xrystal and Metal Mesh Glove / Alien Mask in Gold x @xtiandemedici

"Electric Dreams" for Resident Magazine@residentpublication

Production: Hillary Latos@hillarylatos
Photographer and Creativity: Jaime Pavon@pavonphoto
Video: Vladimir
Styling: Jannique Heard@jannnique
Model: Radha x State@statemgmt
Hair Styling: Jacqueline Cicala@jacquelinecreates
MUA: Dimitry Kukushkin@makeupbydmitry
Nail Artist: Victoria Wreen@nailsbyvictoriawreenbah
Retoucher: Karla Cevallos@lolaretouch
Photo Assistance: Zenobia Nicole@jpeg.zen
Styling Assistance: Jahsun LaRoc
Mua Assistance: Jazmine Goodwin@jazminedavonbeauty
Clothing Credits: Xtian De Medici, La Langosta Balnearie, Daniel Silverstein, Patrick Church, J’AMEMME, Anine Bing , Gold hoops , Adore Adorn, Alexandra Fuks, MISBHV, Art bully Klr, Aldo, CHAE new york, Calvin Klein, Parasite eyewear, Moon Choi, Nazila Couture, Yohji Yamamoto

Xrystal and Metal Mesh Glove by Xtian de medici

Xrystal and Metal Mesh Glove by Xtian de medici

Alien Mask in Gold by Xtian de medici




king kong magazine issue 7 ss/19
april 29th 2019

It's Showtime baby! Alana O'Herlihy presents Studio 55 for the Performance Issue. 
@lilmami_lani creates a multi-media performance through colours and craziness in this super spread of Gucci glory. A celebration of Hollywood Kitsch and Dallas Dynasty club kids fun. What happens when you throw all rules out the windows? Dress up, play, put on theatre of the adorably absurd!

*** model wearing metal mesh couture dress & eyewear by @xtiandemedici 

Photographs @lilmami_lani@streetersagency
Hair @evaniefrausto 
Make up @laramiemakeup
Styling @mazurbate 
Set @c.f.x.x & @videochattrauma
Dp @deiman_marcus
Photo assistants 
@yasminediba @paulaarmasf



Some of the most influential people in the LGBTQ community showed up to celebrate this year's OUT100 honoree.

out Magazine
NOVEMBER 16 2018 3:30 PM

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 12.44.04 AM.png

RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Peppermint Wearing Xtian de medici.



The New Power of New York List 2018

Variety Magazine


october 29 2018

In New York City, power is not just about corner offices or penthouse views overlooking the Hudson River. Money still talks, but it’s more important to show what you’re doing with your influence — and your Instagram followers. The old boys’ club has expired. New York in the 21st century is increasingly made up of diverse, innovative and creative voices pushing for everything from gender parity to LGBTQ rights. It’s a social revolution that’s often at odds with the current administration in the White House.

That’s where Variety’s annual New Power of New York List comes in. We’ve searched from the Bronx to Brooklyn Heights (with a short stop on Broadway) to find the 50 movers and shakers who are changing the face of the five boroughs and beyond. These activists, artists, storytellers and tastemakers represent who really matters in 2018.

Peppermint wearing Xtian de Medici eyewear at the variety Magazine’s “Power Of New York Party.



New clothing line for local out entertainer

EPGN Magazine

A.D. Amorosi November 29 2016

Christian de Medici is a funny guy -- not one you'd necessarily connect to Christmas, Hanukkah or the holy holidays, per se, but certainly a sparkly gent always up for a celebration with glitter, tinsel, gold metal and such. So there he was then, in his glory on Nov.  21 – the evening of the Shampoo nightclub reunion in Kensington – as he re-introduced the world/city/block/building to the work of his youthful self, the fashion designer self, with the runway debut of XES (M/W SS 2016) by Xtian de Medici. The launch of his luxury brand by the House of Medici, featuring the XES collection and XESsories by Exotic Hands & Feet for Xtian de Medici, tore down the house with its leather kink, sex-soldier gild and silver-surfer sleekness. If Xena the Warrior Princess joined Daft Punk, that – perhaps – could give you an idea of what de Medici the designer was looking to accomplish: a look perfect for drag doyens and strippers, real or imagined.

(The show can be found here: 

"I may have gone off and became a famous porn star, but I still designed clothing for celebrity entertainers, underground drag performers on the club kid scene and fellow porn stars," he said. Though de Medici always designed something, to the world at large, he's been Gunner:  a gay model, pornographic actor, director and web entrepreneur-designer whose GunnerWorld site was synonymous with raw, LGBT reality-based sexuality. His Hole and a Heartbeat site did the same  for the straight world, gangbanging tattooed love boys and metal-industrial music.

"As a producer and actor, it was my job to create and portray a fantasy to my audience by setting a specific tone," de Medici said after the Shampoo fashion show. "Through clothing, costuming and acting, I incorporated the tangible and more elusive elements of glamor. I’ve always had a respect for myself, my actors and for my audience and that was something that served me - and the industry - well." 

His film lineage gave de Medici the edge that he needed to, in his words, "gracefully blur the lines" between reality and fantasy, much in the same way he claims to be doing in his new career as a designer. Fashion is just another medium to portray his vision. "If you check out the XES Collection I’ve just created, I think it’s evident that I’m really paying homage to my roots by sharing it." and brought him fame and fortune, but he sold both companies because he wasn't satisfied building, designing and marketing adult websites. His first dream of becoming a designer, full on this time, became his obsession. So he re-branded himself with his birth name, used the connections he made in the web, porn and drag-dressing industries and made an "X" as a part of his name to "always remind me and my fans out there that I will never forget where I came from. Besides, it seemed a natural progression from porn producer to designer. I mean, aren't they both dream weavers?"

Speaking of weaving, the materials de Medici uses for both XES collections (men and women) and XESsories by Exotic Hands & Feet for Xtian de Medici are both ultra-conventional and non-conventional; he collaborated with a local jewelry designer, Kylie of Exotic Hands & Feet for XESsories, to integrate both delicate bead work and a more industrial component of heavier chains. "I cast my own molds, sculpt, paint and fabricate many pieces by combining textiles with art," he said. "By adding leather, chain, plastics and all that glimmers, I make clothing that appeals to a fast-growing market: a market of individuals that are marketing themselves … and I’m no stranger to that."

Strippers, porn stars and drag queens are people who transform and revamp their look to reflect a grander image of themselves, or anything they want to be – that's de Medici's world, where he lives and to whom he relates. That's why he uses a second tag for his clothing that actually does reveal a certain spirituality – even if it is a bit self-deigning or deifying. "It's 'for gods, by gods.' We all  have a higher power within us, regardless of where we’re from or what we do. Some people just have the desire to show it outwardly."

With that, de Medici laughed that "Gunner is now Gunner 2.0," and that he is a summary of all of his "xperiences" and achievements, utilizing the success of his porn career and weaving it into his brand new brand. "Working in the porn industry as a producer and a porn star for 15 years exposed me to all the perks and gave me unique insight into the world of stardom," he said. "Why not keep going?"

Gunner/Xtian de Medici Fashion Week 2016 NYC Launch Party.