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Custom Design

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Dress You Up In My Love

One-Of-A-Kind Garments & Accessories


We are what you came for, a touch of magic.... in this world obsessed with science.
— Lisle Von Rhuman - Death Becomes Her.


Many of our custom clothing and accessories can be seen on some of todays top performing artists. Experts at the House of Medici are happy to realize any idea to bring to life your image. Whether its a 300 piece world tour or a cocktail dress for a special occasion, we will work tirelessly to dress you in original hand crafted works of art.

We design for edgy men and women... the clothing and gear that can’t be found anywhere else. After all; if the sky is the limit with inspiration and design, why offer what can be found in department stores? We know you are looking for unique items and special gear designed to turn heads and to make people see what you want them to see. Specializing in fantasy, punk, glam, grunge, pop art, hip hop, Sci-fi, deconstruction, reconstruction and just about anything you can conceive.

Available by appointment to all industry professionals, who are looking for unique pieces. Purchases and rentals of unique one of a kind garments, and designer accessories are available with full option to alter or customize any piece in-house.

For any information please NEVER hesitate to contact us!
Have your own idea? Please feel free to contact us in regards to custom orders HERE or please fill out email form below.

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