Titan XES® Shirt

Titan XES® Shirt


( The "Titan XES Shirt" )

Made from high quality 4-way stretch light weight moleskin. The black leather or rubber look of spandex with It's supple and XXXtremely stretchy yet strong material, feels incredibly like your own skin! The Titan XES Shirt features "XES" in a chrome mirrored finished fabric on the back!
XES reads SEX when you look back in a mirror or when your taking selfies!

This shirt comes in three styles to choose from:
1. Sleevless full length. Fits medium to large.
2. Short sleeve full length. Fits medium to large.
3. Short sleeve cropped half top. Fits medium to large.

♕ For men and women!
♕ Easy to care for hand washing or simply wipe down with damp cloth then hang dry.

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