Colter Xposed XES® Shirt

Colter Xposed XES® Shirt


This is a LIMITED EDITION - XES® shirt!
It is a ONE-OF-A-KIND original. That means there is ONLY ONE so you don't have to worry about anyone else owning it! Be the ONLY ONE to own this beautiful piece and be noticed!

Product Details:
The "Colter Xposed" is a hand crafted, one of a kind unisex shirt.

The Colter Xposed shirt is unisex and can be worn alone or over other garments. Features: gold leather lettering, deconstructed ruff edge waist hem and silver metal star studs. It is a soft lycra / spandex blend.

♕ One size fits all Gods | For men and women!
♕ Easy to care for hand washing or simply wipe down with damp cloth then hang dry.

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