Nephilim® Dragon Scale & Feather Headdress/Visor (Gold)

Nephilim® Dragon Scale & Feather Headdress/Visor (Gold)


This is our unique design so you know no one will show up to the same event or party wearing anything like this!

The Nephilim® Headdress/Visor in (Gold) is a compliment to our Nephilim Arming®!
Can be worn by both men and women and features our signature dragon scale design! Choose between silver or gold. The scales & feathers have a mirror like finish, lightweight and have the "look" of metal. Adjustable ties in back.

Each Seraphim Headdress takes at least 10 hours to create! We make each scale & feather by hand and then stitch them individually to the mask shell. No two are alike and are extremely light weight.

***Easy to care for ..... simply wipe down with damp cloth.

♕ One size fits all Gods | For men and women!

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