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Xtian pronounced (Christian), is a couture and costume designer who has spent the past 10 years designing & handcrafting original garments for today’s top entertainers, celebrities and DJ's ... The new Gods! He works as a celebrity "image architect" for many years, creating everything from 300 piece wardrobes seen at live concert tours, to ornate ensembles viewed in today's music videos. Him and his creations have also been featured in the pages of many International fashion and editorial publications.

His strong belief in transcendence and his will to empower you is what drives him to create beautiful things. "I aim to dress you with the confidence to take on the world from a greater vantage point and bring you closer to who you really are." His experience as a costume designer has equipped him with the ability to see more than the average clothing designer; he can conceptualize the image a person wishes to present with respect to the tactile materials that embody an individual character.

”This concept is not just relevant for entertainers; Every person plays “the part” on a daily basis (some people play multiple roles).” With specific applications, he designs the attire that enables any person to step out of line and into their own personal limelight. “These creations are intended to allow the world to see the star you really are and for you to embrace the god within you.” 

”The Gods made you in their image, so take your rightful place among the stars. Walk in their shoes, dress in their clothing and become what you are destined to become: a God!”


♕ FASHION MODEL 1992 - 1998

At the age of 12, while on a family trip to New York City, de Medici was approached by Bruce Weber (photographer) who encouraged him to take up modeling and was soon introduced to Eileen Ford of Ford Models. By the age of 18, modeling was not as glamorous as he had hoped and although it proved to be very lucrative in supporting his interest in a musical career, it was short-lived when critics labeled his controversial stage productions as too "over-the-top" for a male performer but this small setback and the advice of several photographers and his music producer, Robbie Tronco to embrace his large "asset" proved to be a winning combination.

In 1992, Xtian de Medici was signed to Ford Models-(children's division), where he gained his first experiences with fashion and would later draw from those experiences in the development of

Between 1993 and 1997 and still under contract with Ford Models, Xtian taught himself how to design and sew. While recording an EP simply entitled "Christian", he designed a wardrobe to match the concept he created for the artist himself and the album.


♕ PORN STAR 1998 - 2015

At 19 years of age and still under a modeling contract, de Medici moved to Philadelphia and paired his fine art skills and experience in the fashion industry to pioneer a new "reality" concept for web-based pornography: GunnerWorld, a dot-com company featuring all well-endowed men, which not only documented him and his buddies in all their glory, but was delivered with cutting-edge design and introduced interactive features to home viewers.

De Medici's stage name, "Gunner", was originally a nickname he hated. It was a name that his friends would jokingly call him because he could never get his arms (guns) bigger when they worked out and further joking that he had another big gun... because of this, he decide to embrace the very name he hated and go on to name his first website "GunnerWorld".

His independent popularity and entrepreneurial approach to self-produce, design, direct and star in (as well as manage 152 other men) did not go unnoticed. He was awarded "Most Innovative Design" as well as the #1”Best Website” slot.

Presenting multiple new categories into porn, Xtian's profound effect on the industry left some frantically trying to catch up with his web-based business approach and grabbing the attention of many major studios. He landed with 'Raging Stallion Studios' and after negotiating a record breaking deal, Xtian became the highest paid adult film star for a single film to date. Also, it was the first film to be named after a website entitling it "Gunner World" in 2009.

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"I may have gone off and became a famous porn star, but I still designed clothing for celebrity entertainers, underground drag performers on the club kid scene and fellow porn stars," he said. Though de Medici always designed something, to the world at large, he's been Gunner:  a model, pornographic actor, director and web entrepreneur-designer whose site was synonymous with well endowed men. His Hole and a Heartbeat site did the same  for the straight world.

"As a producer and actor, it was my job to create and portray a fantasy to my audience by setting a specific tone." "Through clothing, costuming and acting, I incorporated the tangible and more elusive elements of glamor. I’ve always had a respect for myself, my actors and for my audience and that was something that served me - and the industry - well." 

His film lineage gave de Medici the edge that he needed to, in his words, "gracefully blur the lines" between reality and fantasy, much in the same way he is doing in his career as a designer. Fashion is just another medium to portray his vision.

His first dream of becoming a designer, full on this time, became his obsession. So he re-branded himself with his birth name, used the connections he made in the web, porn and drag-dressing industries and made an "X" as a part of his name to "always remind me and my fans out there that I will never forget where I came from. Besides, it seemed a natural progression from porn producer to designer. I mean, aren't they both dream weavers?"

"I cast my own molds, sculpt, paint and fabricate many pieces by combining textiles with art," he said. "By adding leather, chain, plastics and all that glimmers, I make clothing that appeals to a fast-growing market: a market of individuals that are marketing themselves … and I’m no stranger to that."

Entertainers, strippers, porn stars and drag queens are people who transform and revamp their look to reflect a grander image of themselves, or anything they want to be – that's de Medici's world, where he lives and to whom he relates. That's why he uses a second tag for his clothing that actually does reveal a certain spirituality – even if it is a bit self-deigning or deifying. "It's 'for gods, by gods.' We all  have a higher power within us, regardless of where we’re from or what we do. Some people just have the desire to show it outwardly."

The only difference between stars and the rest of the world is that stars dress the part.
— Xtian de Medici