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♕ About Xtian | House of Medici

Xtian pronounced (Christian), is a couture and costume designer who has spent the past 10 years designing & handcrafting original garments for today’s top entertainers, celebrities and DJ's ... The new Gods! He works as a celebrity "image architect" for many years, creating everything from 300 piece wardrobes seen at live concert tours, to ornate ensembles viewed in today's music videos. Him and his creations have also been featured in the pages of many International fashion and editorial publications.

The latest collection of XES® clothing and XESories®, embodies all things excessive, opulent and over-the-top with a street edge! Bringing together couture and nightlife.... Blurring the lines between fashion and art. This ready-to-wear collection was designed to make it easier for you to step into a bit of magic and walk among your fellow Gods.

There is no feeling like designing something to empower a client, to walk the red carpet and to watch them own it!
— Xtian de Medici


Xtian de Medici from the house of Medici is a luxury brand and lifestyle that caters to those who not only desire to stand out but also demand quality. ALL ITEMS in Xtian de Medici's shop are 100% DESIGNED and HANDMADE with great care and attention to detail. We select the best fabrics and materials, adding a pinch of magic to every creation, producing pieces that are truly unique, one-of-a-kind works of art! 

His strong belief in transcendence and his will to empower you is what drives him to create beautiful things. "I aim to dress you with the confidence to take on the world from a greater vantage point and bring you closer to who you really are." His experience as a costume designer has equipped him with the ability to see more than the average clothing designer; he can conceptualize the image a person wishes to present with respect to the tactile materials that embody an individual character.

This concept is not just relevant for entertainers; Every person plays “the part” on a daily basis (some people play multiple roles). With specific applications, he designs the attire that enables any person to step out of line and into their own personal limelight. These creations are intended to allow the world to see the star you really are and for you to embrace the god within you. 

The Gods made you in their image, so take your rightful place among the stars. Walk in their shoes, dress in their clothing and become what you are destined to become: a God!

The only difference between stars and the rest of the world is that stars dress the part.”
— Xtian de Medici


Photos featuring
Xtian de Medici & Capone In the Studio